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respect, fairness..............realizin despite everythin s hit happens? a good person

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I think fairness is the hardest part. :)

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high locus of control


open to new ideas opportunities


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That's a lot of work. ahaha. I tried to do/be all those and i guess I failed (?). Now I'm just counting the days when I can be free of this responsibility. I'm just not ready to be a leader just yet. :D

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leadership takes many forms. you can be a leader of people (manager or VP), or a leader of an industry or specific business discipline (consultant) no one is ever "ready" for leadership :D they succeed or fail at leading based on their ability and willingness to respond to their environment

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Taking responsibility

Not being afraid to push hard

Leading by example

Open to criticism

Always looking to improve

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Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while

operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

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Talk softly but carry a big stick

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one of the most important i learned is being able to listen and have patience, and be able to work with limited resources, and understand things change at quickly, something things are old and somethings are new, know you team, know your job, I personally am one who believes in I wont give tasks I havent havent learned myself. Also understand the factors of time limits and what things need cut and added.

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