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perhaps if there is not more to the dream it might simply be saying your not too certain about your direction in life ,thinking deeply [black is subconscious]possibly trying to figure out what you want and where you need to go from here .

black socks also could be dressy socks ,buisiness type socks ,might be trying to look more proffesional?or the need too >???

anyway a couple ideas for you .

pj :}

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If you wore it: it means that You will marrey a ritch person

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if you could tell us more of the context of the dream that would be wonderful

you stand in eternity - in an endless plain of sand - your feet are outstretched towards the heavens - perhaps your hands should reach for the earth?

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Your floor needs washing!

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Did you recently get some bad or sad news?

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If the hat is white, then you did something right, oppose to anytime else. Congratulations!

If the coat is red, there is still something you have to work on. Blue means, it's cool and finished - you can bury the situation the dream is about, and you will soon dream about a burial. Maybe the burial of the dirty socks, because they once were white!

If your inside, you have to clean your house (your inner house, your soul). Naked!

If you are outside and without shoes, you are getting "cold feet" about something. Probably about the cold street.

If you are in a car, you feel unable to move towards your goal. More so, if the car has no steering wheel, no tires, motor and no chassis.

If your naked, you need more sex. Much more sex!

Any point not stated here means: Much more sex!

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The blue ones are in the laundry.

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Black socks in a dream represent priests.

All other socks are just very very very very very very dark blue.

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It means you need to dress nicer.

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wash em!

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