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I dreamed I was in a white bathroom, sitting in a white tub filled with clear blue water. I was bleeding, but when the blood hit the water it did not change in color. The blue water overflowed out of the bathtub onto the white bathroom floor, and no matter what I tried to do I couldn't turn stop the overflow, so i just started to clean the water up off the bathroom floor. I usually know what most of my dreams mean, because they usually inform me of something that is about to happen. I warn my family and they are creeped out to know that my dreams come true just as I dreamed them, but this one is new and I am puzzled.....
coudorsha coudorsha 36-40 2 Answers Jun 10, 2009

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hi ;]<br />
i would have to say that this is telling you emotionally you are a healthy indiviual not a negative person [white bathroom ,clear water ]BUT you are losing energy somewhere in your emotional life ,be it a relationship or something else emotional that may be bothering you .sounds like you can not quite get a handle on tis emotional issue [overflow]BUT the good thing is you are willing and strong enough to pick your self up and work towards cleaning up [bathroom floor ]your emotional problems ,so try and think if something is bothering you and if you are perhaps simply putting to much of your own energy into this situation .<br />
hope this helps a but .<br />
best to you <br />
pj :}

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