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To me it means you find value in yourself as a person. You take care of yourself as well as work on bettering yourself. You know your good qualities and your bad ones. It also means you work on fulfilling what ever dreams you may have.

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do you mean self-esteem, or self-pollution? Teeheehee!

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Respect yourself, value yourself, nurture yourself, take time for yourself, take care of yourself, protect yourself, listen to yourself, spend time with yourself, defend yourself, play with yourself (and not just in the entendre way), etc.

Anything that would be what you would do for someone you love, you should take the time to do for yourself. You set the example in how to treat yourself. And if you have kids, you set the example for how they should treat themselves as well by how they see you treat your own self. After all, you deserve love too.

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