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He always(supposedly) pulls out but that night he nut in me twice. He said he wants a baby and I said you didn't use to say that. We are both still young. I kept asking why does he want to have a baby and he mostly kept saying because he just wants to then one time he said because he loves me. I just want to hear what yall think.
keepdreaming keepdreaming 18-21, F 8 Answers May 25, 2010

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It means he's and inconsiderate idiot.

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Um, you answered your own question. He already told you he wants a baby, and even though YOU don't - you are stupid enough to continue having unprotected sex.

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We have had unprotected sex many times. Sometimes I would think a baby was what I wanted but not yet and he would say about the same thing and all of a sudden it was like his mind changed

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