Ok guys, if a girl says to her boyfriend "I think you could do alot better then me." and he says "If I could I would already be with another girl", does that mean he is setteling?
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You're an idiot, FYI. One, talking like a manipulative child is disrespectful to him. That's one of those stupid "fishing for compliments" questions that you asked him. He's supposed to say, "Oh no, you're the greatest thing blah blah". On top of that, it is a nosey question meant to get in his head, instead of just being direct (aka an adult) with him. Second, guys aren't like women. They don't have the huge childlike sense of entitlement. A guy can be with a girl and think, "hey this is a decent girl" full well knowing she lacks this or that quality or that his buddy has what he considers a "better girl" and still be happy with that. Stop thinking in girl spoiled brat terms. Just like a man can love and be loyal to his trusty mutt dog or his trusty old car or whatever....we don't constantly envy and covet like women do. Third, he is probably making a self-depreciating remark because he's trying to help you cause he perceives you as being insecure and having low self-esteem. In other words, he is saying, "You came along, I'm with you. If I was all that, I would have been unavailable." This is the kinda sh*t that ****** men off and hurts relationships. You should be asking HIM what he meant. You should ask HIM questions directly instead of playing your manipulation games. 95% of women are nothing but cowardly overgrown children, pathetic.

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LMFAO actanonverba71 WOOHOO!!!!!

he said it hunny.. It's true. Guys HATE those types of questions... That's like saying "does my butt look to big in these jeans?" or "why do you love me?" or "Do you think she's hott??"

He's either going to say YES OR NO and your either going to NOT BELIEVE HIM and pry..... or YOUR GOING TO GET UPSET with the answer he gives you! Why would you do that to yourself???? You know that your not going to be happy either way don't you? Your setting yourself up for heart ache.

You got yourself a catch 22 there doll, try to keep your chin up and a smile on your face.. Instead of telling him that you don't think your good enough try saying something like, "how did i get so lucky?" That will make him feel good.. and not mad.

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Both the question and the answer are insensitive and just plain dumb.What's he supposed to say"'re right,see ya"?He's happy with her and he likes her so why try to set him up with a no-win type question?

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He has zippo respect for his girlfriend - just using her for sex - typical jerk guy!

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it means i love u and im staying with u hun. love kyle

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If some one casts a fishing question to me, i tend to put an old shopping trolly on the hook.

Grow up little girl.

actanonverba71 your the man, err woman err your the errr hell YOUR NUMBER ONE....!

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Ask a silly question....

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Doot, doot, doot!

Universal translator now ON:

1) She has already psychologically moved on and is mentally dumping him

2) He is expressing humorous yet testy self-denial


Universal translator now OFF.

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There is no way he can respond to that without upsetting you. Sorry, but that is a loaded statement.

I have no idea how his response to that statement she made means he has no respect for his girlfriend (she said it, not him) and that he's using her for sex (how do you know they are even having sex) sex was never mentioned. That's a bit overboard.

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He doesnt deserve any girl if he had said that seriously

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I think that it means that

A) You have told him that you think that he could do better than you...

B) He is saying that he thinks that you are the best that he can get... a compliment to you.

Remember that guys (especially younger guys) are not good with deciphering innuendo. If there is something on your mind, tell him straight up, don't try to give him subtle questions, it WON'T work!

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I think that means he's an ***.

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