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Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Keep spreading your legs for him....does it take a genius to figure out that's why he keeps coming back for more? Chances are his wife isn't giving it up or she's boooooring in bed, and he likes the action he gets in yours.

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He feels guilty about his wife, then, he gets horny for something different again.

He'll never leave her.

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He most definaetly is not committed to you.

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Tell him to hit the road.

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He is torn between two worlds the family and home world and than the fantasy world probably knowing what he is doing is wrong and feeling a very strong sense of guilt about what he is doing. He also has to divide himself thinking of his problems, his family's problems and yours.

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I'm thinking that this is the best answer from his behavior that I have seen?

The only off part is that I seem to be his confidante & we mostly talk about him & his stuff.

It started out as emotional for 2 years & then went to physical within the last year.

I think if he thinks of my problems at all it has to do with his back & forth behavior towards me & probably only how it will effect him in the long run?


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He doesn't want to jeopardize his marriage (maybe he still loves her, maybe a divorce would be too expensive, maybe he's thinking of the kids....whatever) but enjoying his bit on the side too.

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Well, I hate to admit that I became the third party in this guys marital affairs, but it happened.

He acts so bold running into where I work & taking other extreme chances & then afterwards acts scared & backs off, but then just a few weeks later he's back.

This time though I'm tired of it & I think I want feedback on what to say when he shows or calls again.


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