ie sex, doing it with him, losing virginity, not being scared
craziforbois craziforbois 16-17, F 6 Answers Oct 1, 2009

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that depends on what he is teasing you about and how old he is.. if the teasing isn't hurtful and it's light natured and he's about your age.. it usually means he likes you!

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he wants to hugggggggggg you.

he wants to kisssssssssssss you.

he wants to fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck youuu. lol

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it means hes trying to see what ur reaction is and probably studying see if he can a move on you.. if he teases you hes half the man he says he are because sex "happens" you dont plan it.. hes being smarter than you.. dont fall on his games and if u really want him to care about u and how u feel tell him to stop playin around like a horn dog and get some balls and tell u why does he do that and what does he exactly want from u.. is it just the sex?

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At the age you say you are, it probably means he just likes you and wants to make you laugh. I think mak3 read way too much into it. I wouldn't measure every guy by that assumption. There are nice guys. Perhaps more in number than girls. Sad to say. And I could be wrong. Always.

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mak3sur3 knows what she's talking about.

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