my husband wont give me my child and i keep dreaming bad dreams about him
jaystar2627 jaystar2627 22-25 8 Answers Apr 17, 2009

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this is your subconscious mind speaking, you feel like your losing your son in real life and therefore it almost feels like a death and thats whats coming out in your dream the feeling of loss. It doesnt mean its going to happen.

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Because your husband wont let you have your child, you have lost Him/her.

Your mind is coping with this loss. Its very much like your child has died, You want Him/her but cannot have them. Your morning a loss.


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I've read that when you dream of death that your subconscious self is preparing you for loss if you are at a time in your life when a great change is being made or you're losing something. Hope this helps!

PS- I've been having death dreams, too. They are scary scary.

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You are, with good reason , afraid you are going to lose your child. I pra this never happens. No mother should ever lose their children

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Dreaming about death does not necessarily mean anything bad it means there is a change in your life.

The change can be a good change or a bad change. From what you wrote it sounds like it is a bad change but because I do not know the whole situation I can not be sure.

You are the one in control of how you perceive the change. Even if something bad happens in your life you can still get something good out of it.

Good luck

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To dream about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one embodies. Ask yourself what makes this person special or what do you like about him. It is that very quality that you are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. Alternatively, it indicates that whatever that person represents has no part in your own life.

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