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it means that u are mixed with more then one race..

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Mutt may refer to:


Mixed-breed dog, a dog that has characteristics of two or more breeds, a mongrel. Also used as a generally derogatory term towards a dog.


A colloquial term for people of very divergent ancestry; can be pejorative, neutral, or positive, depending on the context

Nickname for Rodney Mullen, worldfamous skateboarder

Robert John "Mutt" Lange, a successful music producer

Nickname for Joseph Summers, a mid-century English test pilot

In music:

MUTT, an album by Roots music group, Lost Dogs

"Mutt", a song from blink-182's 1999 album Enema of the State

In comics:

Mutt, a character in the Mutt and Jeff comic *****

Mutts, a daily comic ***** by Patrick McDonnell

Mutt may also refer to:

M151 MUTT, (Military Utility Tactical Truck), a US military jeep / light truck

MUTT (MUD client), Multi-User Trivial Terminal - a gaming interface for Windows

Mutt, a character from the G.I. Joe universe, usually accompanied by a dog named Junkyard

Mutt (e-mail client), a terminal-based e-mail client for Unix-like systems

Mutt (hinduism) (also spelled as Math and correctly as maṭha), a type of Hindu monastery

Mutt Williams, a character from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, played by Shia LaBeouf

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That you have many nationalities in your heritage. Trust me, that is good thing because you are much more unlikely to get illnesses, like my disorder which is not something you'd want.

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I've only heard people refer to themselves that way, not to others. It just means you are from many nationalities, which genetically is far better than coming from one tiny inter-marrying gene pool.

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i agree with whomever said it means the person saying it has no manners. people are NOT their upbringing/lineage/$ inheritance or not....they are INDIVIDUALS, every one.

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my ugly and cruel sister.

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Mutt, no matter who says it or what group they identify with, it all boils down to one logical understanding:

It would mean; A person of Poor Breading or One who does not have a heritage of class, or up bringing.

The British have their "Blue Bloods" and their pets are Pure Breads. Anything below that class, is a Mutt, human or animal. This is what a "Blue Blood" explains to me.

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That they have very bad manners

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It means that people can't tell what race you are. People usually end up staring for a very long time. That happens to me every where I go.

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A gowd darn dirty cross breed?

Hey maybe durbanpoison explains it more acurately?

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They think of you like they must think of Obama and Tiger and Jeter and Mariah and Alicia Keyes and Selma Hayek and Halle and the late great Bob Marley, peace be upon him.

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Durban is a bit long winded today. Hehehehe.

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