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dpang2631 dpang2631 26-30 2 Answers Jun 15, 2009

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u dreamed of being raped by stranger >because u don't have good partner(or u r not satisfied with your existing partner/boyfriend) to dream about, and u have intensive desire to sex.<br />
u dreamed that in broad daylight & in front of world>because u either u r living in very conservative society or the idea of sex is too personal to you.<br />
sometimes these forbidden desires comes out in dreams by our subconscious mind as dreams.

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It doesn't necessarily mean anything - dreams don't always mean anything, sometimes they're just brain-farts and nonsense. But, women who fantasise about rape aren't usually fantasising about the reality of rape, they're fantasising about being swept off their feet, losing control. It's quite common when women have been taught to suppress their sexual desires or that sex is dirty or wrong or only for marriage - she can't help it, he raped her. It's impossible to know if it means anything without knowing a lot more about you and your life, but a first guess would be that you've been brought up to repress your sexuality, and your dream is a way of expressing that you want sex and you don't want to hide it, you want everyone to know and accept that you are sexual. But, it might not mean that at all; it might not mean anything. It might not mean any more than the dream you had that next door's cat ate your house, or you missed a bus and had to go to work on a spacehopper, or everyone in your class had green hair.

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