i haven't been able to feel my toes for the past month or so..i'm wondering if it could be a pinched nerve? has this ever happened to anyone before? i would really appreciate any and all feedback thanks MarleysMum
MarleyChloesMum MarleyChloesMum 41-45, F 14 Answers Feb 18, 2009

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It means you need to see a doctor TODAY! Got it? TODAY - that's an order. Do it!

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Why have you not seen a doctor, the longer you wait the more can go wrong. Are you diabetic, low bp? Plus the examples above, don't wait any longer if you like your feet!

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it could be winter you stay out side too long and you might have this thing call Ronald's syndrome there is no cure but you can used toe warmer in your shoes

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Vitamin B12 deficiency

Mini Stroke


Diabetic Neuropathy

Wernicke Syndrome

Morton's Neuroma

Crest Syndrome



Peripheral Neuropathy

Just to name a few possibilities....The only way to know for sure what's causing yours, is to see your doctor.....I had a middle toe on my left foot that kept going numb, and it turned out to be a pinched sciatic nerve. Go see your doctor.....Good Luck.

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Either your too fat to bend down that far or you haven't got any feet.

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bad circulation

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Go to the doctor.

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I know this sometimes happens with alchoholics! There is a decrease in blood flow and it affects your toes and can even affect your fingers! Either way, this is not good! Get a professional opinion!!

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Yeah that or you could be diabetic. Regardless, you better get to a doctor!

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