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I dreamnt of being attacked and bitten constantly by a gray wolf last night The wolf kept attacking me, there was a point in the dream when I fought the wolf back and tore its head off. the wolf reformed hours later and began to attack me again. I fought it until it gave in. The wolf then became my friend and walked by my side.. I symbolize it as me having a tough time in life and fighting through it. Bravery,courage, and ability to overcome fear. The part when the wolf became my friend i think I symbolize it as the world having its messed up moments (the bad economy, no jobs, high gas prices) that makes it really hard to live if your a college student. BUT tough times don't last forever, and someday things will be the way they should be. ( in the economy)

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I'd look at relationships at work or in your family. Is there a conflict that is just under the surface not being dealt with actively?

Oh, and I agree w/Mehonestly

avoid wolves at all costs :)

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I'd say it means avoid wolves at all costs.

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Dreams are for you interpreting, based on how you interpret the symbol, yourself, in your mind.

For a moment, we'll be pretending you're stock-standard, U-squared-C, Johnathon Quincy Taxpayer, the Nonexistant Man.

Wolves are predetors, and people are afraid of predetors, in old stories, wolves lso take the form of the antagonist - see: The Big Bad Wolf of Little Red Riding Hood or Three Little Pigs fame. We have expressions like "A wolf in sheep's clothing", and "Thrown to the wolves", both of which carry some pretty heavy negetive connotations.

Remember how the wolf got his comeuppace in the "Sheep's Clothing" tale? We'll assume that you, at least a little bit and subconciously, think of wolves in such a manner.

You were consumed by the pack. The world is a cruel place. Do you feel it is out to get you and theres nothing you can do for yourself? That might be all your little dream means.

Alternatily you could be:

*looks up at the cop-out answer above*

Feeling consumed by Beauty, Solitude, Self Confidance, Pride, and possibly, depending on the colour of the wolves in question, Valour and Pride. Congratulations?

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It means that you thought about being attacked by wolves while sleeping.

Likely the association came from you feeling fear / intimidation during the day.

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i think you're stressed out. the wolves might represent all the things that are causing you stress, all the things you can't control and are eating you alive. pun intended.

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Do you feel surrounded by wolves in real life? If you don't you will come to a point in your life when you do- so this dream is just a little reminder to learn the skills now of how to deal with such a situation ahead of time just in case it does happen in your life. Make sure you have the skills to handle anything in your life.

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