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i dreamt of my dad who passed away 2 years ago,he checked on me,if am asleep or not and then, walks away,i called him and followed him ,but,he didn't looked back.instead ...

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To see the dead in your dream, forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. You may suffer material loss. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. If you dream of a person who has died a long time ago, then it suggests that a current situation or relationship in you life resembles the quality of that deceased person. The dream may depict how you need to let this situation or relationship die and end it.

To see and talk with your dead parents in your dreams, represents your fears of losing them or your way of coping with the loss. You may want that last opportunity to say your final good-byes to them.

To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend in your dream, indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Or it could be they have came from the spirit world to communicate with you through your dreams, take to mind what they are trying to tell you if they say nothing they are just checking in on you : ) maybe just to let you know they are doing well

Love & Blessings ;)

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They are up there watching and they will always care about you. It's a positive thing, IMO.

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I dreamed one day about my mom she didn't say anything the next day I dreamed of my dad who gave me a hug and a kiss

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My dream was weird. I dreamed of my friend talking to me through phone that her dad died either in a car accident or from a disease. Then I saw a picture of his dad in my head. What does it mean? I do not particularly know his dad well but her daughter is my best friend.

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