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well if this child is like known to you, someone in your family, or close to you ,more then likely this child is going through some major changes or transistions in life .this would not be all that unusual really .for death generally speaking simply means change .

there is a very small possibility that an actual child is going to die ,people do have premonitions ,but with out more details it is difficult to discern and generally speaking fortunatley most of us do not recieve these sort of premonitions too often .

but death is change and if the child is totally unknown to you it might be as someone else suggested youthfullness is dying either literally within you a need to revive the fun or childlike qualties in your life .

hope something here helps

pj :}

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in jungian dream analysis everything you dream about is a part of you (I'm not all that sure on that)

what is a child to you?

to me it's innocence - the death of a child would thus be the loss of innocence. translate that to what ever the child represents to you.

are you related to the child in any way?

Best Answer u know this child?...if u do ..means that his "death died" in reality he will not die soon....if u dont know the child means that a project u had will not have the outcome u wanted....u have to be more in contact with your higher self and listen to your guts more :)

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its something that you really didn't get over grieving about and it stays with you for a long time i lost my father to cancer in 1984 and i still have dreams of my father

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1. The child symbolizes something that dies in your life...did your youthful qualities die? Did your fun die lately?

2. If it was the death of your child or someone close to you, maybe you are worried about that person.

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