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hi :}

obviously your paying attention to your subconscious to remember your dreams ,as to God talking or your own higher self [spirit ]really is not an issue .the fact you are getting premonitions is simply a gift of the spirit ,it does not have to come from someone or something other then yourself ,we all have gifts ,most people simply like to ignore them or dont recognise them ,it is not freaky or other worldly or even labeled religous or prophet .

it is simply something special you can work with .

why do we get premontions /what good are they you might ask ?i have had them for many years off and on ,i have discovered it helps me prepare emotionally ,also if it is something not pleasant i can send out a prayer or good feelings towards whatever needs my attention .you dont have to prevent or feel like you should but just by thinking something uplifting about it this will help ,also prepares you to perhaps be more patient ,or take a step back froma situation .

but dont get caught up with God talking to you ,people do tend to think your a religous zealot when those words are used .you certainly can believe that or feel that way but as isaid people dont like to hear that ,i guess they think it presumptious .

anyway best to you

pj :}

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I don't think God is for say "talking" but I think it is a message that you are on the right path. Just a glimse that is all I can get. I have tought my son how to cotrol his dreams. It was easy when I was smaller.

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Two weeks before Lincoln died, he had a dream of a funeral at the White House. In the dream, he asked somebody whose funeral it was, and was told "The President of the United States"

During WWI, while serving as a soldier, Hitler had a dream that he was being buried under a pile of earth and red-hot metal. He then woke up in the trench, and immediately left, just in time to avoid a mortar shell that killed the rest of his platoon.

If you're noticing that your dreams are coming true, pay attention to them.

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Yes, sometimes it is God talking, sometimes it is our mere imagination, sometimes it is only coincidence. Each individual will make the distinction based on his own faith, knowledge and experience.

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If you believe in god and you believe god is talking to you, then for you it is so.

Just don't expect me to go for it, okay?

Some people don't want to be perverted ... er, I mean converted.

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Don't worry about those others . What is he saying ? Comon What is he telling you?

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lol to Questionaire comment.

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