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I had a dream that really bothered me last night. What I can remember from it is that I was with at least one of my friends and for some reason we rubbed some kind of cloth on each other. Then we were playing this game (warhammer 40k) with 2 other people when they noticed I had things on my face (I could feel burning) I looked in the mirror and I thought it was poison ivy but then realized it was a bunch of holes in my skin exposing what appeared to be something red (like when you cut your self). Then I remember them leaving and seeing this 'skin illness' affect me from head to toe. Literally my one toe starting falling off and my dog came over and ripped it off with his teeth. Then I asked my mom to take me to the hospital but her response was we couldn't afford it (which we all have insurance and even if we weren't my parents would obviously take me). This has really shaken me and hopefully someone can shed some light on what this means or if its just a nightmare.
basket440 basket440 22-25 2 Answers Mar 26, 2012

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Great hungover, huh? LOL! The Insurance part is a tell that you live in America. And others just a bunch of crappy nightmare made of crappy movies you've ever watched~

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what do you mean 'Great hungover,huh'? haha sorry but I don't understand. I don't watch horror films and most certainly don't remember any that were like my dream. Thanks for the reply (and yes I am from America haha good observation!)

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