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This was a little while ago when I was in sixth grade I am in ninth now but I remember it well. I had a dream about a school and I had to perform so I used dance/gymnastics caused I used to do it for 8 years. So I needed to take off my shoes. At first it was like a dream about not knowing your routine enough in front of an audience but I was fine. When I got out I found out that I lost my shoes. So I went around and got lost on a never ending staircase going from room to room never knowing where I was going. I opened doors to find out and I was lead to this one door. I opened a door and I stepped into one of my old houses bathrooms ( I haven't been in their over 4 years) except the toilet was on a different side. I peaked in and their was this little boy with dark hair and hazel eyes with the biggest eyelashes on the toilet. He then said I had to repay him for coming in and pushed me into a tub. Suddenly his arms grew to tentacles and was very handy. I then woke up. What does it mean
hellomyfriends hellomyfriends 16-17 4 Answers Feb 12, 2013 in Dreams

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After a dream like that you need to sit down and get some rest or mybe get some sleep.

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