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They have nothing to with each other. Two separate myth stories.

Christians, being persecuted for their beliefs, tacked their celebration of Christ's birth onto a pagan holday (winter solstice).

In fact, it wasn't until recently, around the 1800's, people could celebrate Christmas without being nailed as pagans.

Christ was born in May, actually.

And Santa? Whole other myth. Google him. Fascinating stories.

Well, merry Christmas, honey!

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Merry Christmas to you! :)

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They're both figments of stupid people's imaginations.

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You're right it doesn't really. Christmas is supposed to be really religious cause its celebrating the birth of Jesus, but over the years its been kinda twisted and warped I know. But at least its a holiday about giving and spending time with family and friends. Now thats something that Christians and others can share on christmas day.

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Nothing. Santa is from the Northern European Solstice traditions.

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Ol'Saint Nick was a generous soul, as Christians we are called to be happy givers. The reason why we give pressents at Christmas is because of the Maji (the three wise men) who came bearing gifts of gold mhyrr and frankincents. St Nicholas was doing Gods willl and his spirit lives on.

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I believe both symbolize giving, giving what one can, giving oneself to another. Instead of taking, taking, taking, getting more. Focussing on another, instead of oneself. A deeply spiritual act. It needs no ritual or dogma.

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Nothing.Just the gift of giving like the three wise men gave Jesus the best they had.

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Nothing, it is just a fable in order to make children believe there is a very generous and kind man out there delivering their gifts for Christmas. Just go with it, kids normally figure it out by the time they are 10.

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"When the retailers see the Christmas Tree,

They rub their hands in grateful glee...

The one time they've waited for all year

Is finally, gloriously here!"

Its time to con the kids into conning their parents into buying them something!

Jesus was a giving individual; but there the connection with Santa Claus ends.

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i can elaborate that if you'd like

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they have nothing in common.

even the devil will give you gifts...for a price

if you would disobey the commands of your creator.

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santa is a coke a cola sponsored myth, sure there are stories from many traditions around the world before the company coke a cola came into existence, but they have bought out all the rights to that charter and now use him to manipulate your children and guilt trip parents into consuming.

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Christmas isn't real.

Jesus was never born on the 25th of December.

How would people know, anyway? It was millions of years ago :L

Oh, and Jesus isn't the son of God -.-

He didn't have a father.

Joseph is a myth.

It was Mary. And Jesus.

End of story.

Well... Not completely [x

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