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I think she means she was wearing a bright red shawl.

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i assume this is a dream? or a heavy trip? thats fine, my friends friend got so high once he stepped out of his car and fell into the universe

but if it was a dream: scissors reprresent taking control and gaining independence by separating yourself from someone or something in your waking life that you dont need anymore. It may also suggest that you are dividing your energy over too many things at one time. I would also need to know what kind of scissors they were, blunt, sharp. kitcjen, surgical, etc.

dreaming of breasts is smbollic of your mother figure and your need to be nursed or cared for. it can also, and obviously, suggest sexual arousal. if you are a woman it can represent fear of becoming a woman or a mother. if there were nipples it could be symbolic of dependency.

dreams that you are cutting yourself means that you are experienceing some overwhelming turmoil or problems in your waking life.

red is associated with fire, heat, blood and passion, and in dreams they may translate to passion, energy or vitality. it can also be associated with anger or rage toward something or someone and can represent prohibition and danger. it can also be your angry urge to fight back and if so, take it as a warning to relax and exercise restraint or there could be dire consequences. revenge and retaliation is not advisable.

unfortunately my memory for clothes are limited and i have no idea what a shaw is, i know that its a small group of trees? but i dont think u were wearing something like that.

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