my ex fiancee with her back towards me sitting at a table in a restaurant - unaware that i am behind her. she is wearing an off red coat - not bright - there with an executive type person (male) younger also wearing similar color jacket trying to 'take care of something' - she's distant emotionally from what i can 'see' - there is also a 3rd person but indistinguishable physicality - in 3d recently 2 weeks a go i called it quits...a lot of acrimony and she has untreated alcoholism. i'm sober almost 25 yrs. several 'beings at the table' sitting w/me
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I dreamed last night that the man wearing red shirt.he is my friend.what does it mean?

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The question is, "What does the color red mean to you?" While Carl Jung postulated

that there are some hallmarks of dreams that we all have in common, even he believed

that it was most important to understand the dreamer to understand the dream.

I could say that the red means "STOP" or "WARNING" because of her alcoholism (as

red stop signs and stop lights are commonly known to most all people), to

be careful. But perhaps the color red has had another significance in your life - like a

red table cloth when you were growing up or a red blanket you had - only you would

be able to answer that question.

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One, dreaming in color is unusual for most and indicates your intensity. Red would indicate very, very intense, even passionate intensity.

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If you are uncomfortable with her while she is drinking then maybe it is best to stay out out the drama and the red is a flag you understand your need to separate from the scenario...good luck and surround yourself with like minded and positive thinking friends

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You left the light on.

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This is the color of amore, oui?

Or murder...MEOW!

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