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Dillute one cup to one gallon of water for cleaning and disinfecting floors or tiled surfaces.

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I hate being asked if my family is related to the company. Just because my last name is Jaeger doesn't mean that I'm related to every Jaeger.

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For use as a motor fuel only , if ingested call poison control center immediately avoid contact with skin or clothing.

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a loose translation which preserves the rhyme and meter is

this is the hunters badge of glory

that he protect and tend his quarry

hunt with honour as is due

and through the beast to God is true

according to Mast Jagermeister AG the translation is

it is the hunters honour that he

protects and preserves his game

hunts sportsmanlike honours the

Creator in His creatures

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It means "we're not responsible if you puke in your friend's car on the way home."

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