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Leadership Today is an international consulting firm based in Singapore. The company provides consulting services on integrating and maximizing the effectiveness of new computer technologies for multinational corporations. In recent years, the company has been losing market shares to competitors due to what many believe to be ineffectual leadership. Mid- level managers have been heard complaining that they are not provided the freedom to make timely decisions to help their clients. Additionally, employees complain that they are never recognized for their accomplishments and that the organization never takes the time to celebrate major accomplishments. The result is low morale and decreasing market shares. How can it change its leadership practices to turn the company around.
Lc27Junior Lc27Junior 16-17, M 1 Answer Nov 15, 2010

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having an understanding of one's job , knowing leadership is not the captaining of a ship, but navigating it.. all the answers to all the problems are already out there for the grabbing, so look to those who have done what you would do. It's showing strength, determination and the willingness to go the extra mile because your employees expect it of you. Speaking of them, let them know it is they who do the real work, and believe it yourself.

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