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If the vomiting was easy: you will stop doing a wrong thing and coming back to God. OR. Restitution.

If it was hard: It is punishment.

becoming easy: you,ll get good things.

If you were sick: you will die.

If you were pregnant: You will lose it.

Vomiting alot and its color was good: you will have a good son.

Also it depends on what you are vomiting.

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You just can't stomach it anymore.

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Hopefully it DOESNT mean waking up to sheets full of vomit...that would be quite disgusting.....

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I'm only guessing but maybe something you have to get out of your life? Maybe the dream is telling you the only way to do it is to get violently sick (like when you vomit in life) and the body forces the offending food out whether you want to be rid of it or not.

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Depends on who is doing the vomiting and where it lands.

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