i am a cat lover my B-days the 2nd and no i would never ever change it :P
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My username is based on a story I have been writing since childhood where I'm zapped into a unicorn and have to find my way back to being human again.

My real name is Jessica and apparently it's Hebrew for " He Sees"...I don't really know what that means. If anything, I'd change my name to Jessie since that's what everyone has called me ever since I can remember.

Lesson to parents around the world - if you've decided that you're going to nickname your unborn child, name it the nickname and save yourself some time. They may not like the just make it their real name.

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Mines suppose to mean Gift of God .. however my wife doesnt think so LOL

My brother actually named me when my mom and dad couldnt decide my name. Im actually very happy with my name so I wouldnt change it.

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I am Sara Elizabeth and that has, over my 17 years, morphed into many things. I wrote a story about it:

EP Link

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My name is my name and its always the same. The last two letters represent my location.

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It means I am named after my pops and no because I feel it would be disrespectful and I love my name anyway.

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I don't know that it means anything, but it is the name of a small village in modern day Luxembourgh and no, I would not change it

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my real name is marijo

and i dont want to change it because

my wonderful grandmother chose it to me,,

and my parents too

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When you have this certain type of pod to hold a video camera and you end up with an awkward shake in the video, you noodlepaned. But I chose this name much before I knew about that definition.

I guess you could say it's just a wok.

Or my butthole for another one...

Update: I see some people took their answers with their RL names...

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my profile name means Cupid...

and my real name means Hero...

So I don't wanna change them both...

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Watch the movie the 4th kind

Is hebrew for creation and destruction

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i did change it recently on ep and my pic but i missed the cat me and went back to my original one

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