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I hate the way most people, and society, seem to think that there's this big biochemical distinction between alcohol versus illegal drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, LSD etc. I will often hear people say "drugs are for losers" or "I would never take drugs", and then they say how they love drinking wine or beer.

In spite of that, research by various organisations consistently demonstrates that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. And yes, alcohol is a drug. No ifs or buts.

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Men can sleep around no one says **** a lady has 30 lovers in a lifetime and she's a horror how come men get variety and we get told not to so not fair

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Hmm I donno about that.
If men sleep around a lot, women will see him as being a cheater and non-committed in a relationship.
If women sleep around a lot, they do get branded as "wh*res"

In other words, the negativity flows both ways. But this is true moreso of the grown adults, out of the college setting/ life. In college it's accepted for both girls and guys to date as many people as they see fit until they find that "one"

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Society preaches and praises ethics, but the most ruthless and unethical are the ones who make it to the top. Those who are willing to do any and everything are the ones who reap the most rewards.

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