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Me fiance have been together for 5 years so no secrets between us at.all. We tell eachother everything and know that we will be comfort the.other when something is wrong with us. But fiance has gone weird We dident have.a.fight and nothing like that happened at all, but he has just gone weird on me. I know him and I understand him like no one else could and I truly truly love him witg everything I have a I would do anything for him and his happiness.means the.wirld But whebe er.I.sked him what was wrong with him he just said that "its.okay sweetie, its not you, but.I'm too embaressed to tell you" I just.left it at that, happy that.I said nothing wrong. But when I comfort.him and him to get his mind off of it, but he just kept reolying word answers and at.the.end up I ended up just holding him arms. He has gone through a hard time latly. His grandfather is dying on cancer.and so failed
Dai200 Dai200 18-21, M 2 Answers Jan 7, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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Give him his space, It sounds like he's hurting and maybe seeing his grandpa is making him reevaluate life a bit. And that's ok. Don't let your insecurities make you doubt him. You said it was a tough time for him. Be strong and allow him growth room and just continue to be there for him. Good Luck

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I was thinking you might have too many periods... but that seems not to be the problem.

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XD Actually, I'm asking this friend, who's a girl. :D So.prehaps your right. Hehe

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