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I was in jr. high in the 1950's; had this jackass of a gym teacher....I was one of those who hated gym & dreaded it constantly.

ONe time he had us all lined up for something or other, and when he got to me, pulled open the waistband of my gym shorts and looked down inside......the he looked up and said,'just wanted to make sure' other words, I was a 'sissy' (which I was!!) and he thought it'd be just great to make fun of me.

Turns out no one laughed, so maybe that taught him a lesson......

and as a gay guy, I can tell you he had one of the most beautful ***** I ever saw on a man!!!! yeah, even back then I was checkin' 'em out!!!

anyway, years later, living in a different city, I called him and actually got him on the phone......he said if I ever got to town, we could 'raise a few'........holy ****......that'd be the perfect thing to do; get him buzzed and then proceed from can see how my mind runs........

BUT I'd have a motel room, could have invited him back there, and so on and so forth........

oh well, he did something crappy to me, & somehow getting his drawers off would have been rather exciting!!

but, alas, I never did meet him.......perhaps it's just as well.......

thanks for listening!!!!!!!1

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I had a fantastic gym teacher who guided me all through school. Nothing weird in my story.

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Your finger looks exciting


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Took away dodge ball ;0(

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Me... nothing. Us ugly kids missed out on all the fun.

She did like to feel up one of the other kids. Choose him to do demonstrations and always manage to accidentally grope him. Or wait till he was nude in the change rooms before collecting him and taking him into her office to discuss his grades. Without waiting for him to get dressed.

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He... he... he gave me... a D.

Although you won't know which.

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Haha! Genius, my friend.

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Oh, sounds like you have a confession behind this question

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