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invite people we love us to the slums and nursing homes, you know why? ....

The lesson, from the slums so we can appreciate what we already have so we love our families, and out of nursing homes so that we can make plans for the future we hope we can reach an advanced age even if we can be better than the existing in nursing homes.

we learn to appreciate the time and his grandparents, because we're heading towards it sooner or later.

so that we can make a commitment or appointment to be able to stay together in love as hard or happy even hopefully faithful to the old days.

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it will be a belated gift but as my partner has a very sweet tooth, ive bought him several kilos of his favourite sweets and a customised sweetie card.

Not very exciting or romantic but i know he will love it.

what makes me sick is that hes always been very skinny grrr

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I'm going to go out with my mate and we are gonna get drunk. Kinda a tradition for us.

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It's Single Awareness Day for me Funk my life

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Nothing. If I could I'd plan on punching in the face everyone that likes Valentine's Day, but nah.

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