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1)lot of abortions...........




5)egg is too hard or little

6)the cycle is irregular

7)tube are chocked

8)there is no womb

9)developing antibody against *****

10) unknown

11)in some cases women get pregnant after 11 t o13 years of marriage naturally also.....

12) if there is severe or chronic infections.......

13)unlimited birth controlling pills

14) lot of reasons...............

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Anorexia, genetics, age, birth control, and the clap... Why?

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strange way to phrase it but... smoking, drinking, high dietary fat intake and excessive exercise when young (see womens olympics) all negatively affect fertility in women.

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A hysterectomy or oophorectomy works.

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of infertility? I expect a hysterectomy would greatly increase the chances

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condoms. Or sit on a hot water bottle before you see her.

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More men.

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