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Howie Mandel (deal or no deal). He has stated in an interview that he avoids crowds of people....he also has has OCD, big time.

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Most of the big name Hollywood stars won't admit to their personality disorders, but that doesn't mean they don't have them!

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well michael jackson for starters...but he just avoids reality

most celebs that come to australia are pretty good and love our country and the people but there have been some who are so up themselves and know they dont even wanna be here but they have to for money

Samuel Jackson was one of the nasty ones...he was so arrogant to his fans, restaurant and motel staff....reckons we are backwards, he even put our aboriginal people down ...can u believe that....he was one of my fav actors but not anymore

i think sports stars especially americans are the most avoidant when they come out here

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Hmm...I haven't heard of any with avoidant personality..prolly a few with bi-polar since the whole world seems to have it nowadays...

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What would cause somebody to ask this?

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