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That not everyone can be trusted even family so be careful who you tell your secrets to & let in because you never know if the person is there for a reason or just a season.

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Adults are really just big kids with more rights, nobody really knows how the universe works, humans aren't rational creatures, the same types of people exist in every culture, and there are few objective truths. Society and my parents taught me this.

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Great answer! Thank you.

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I've learned that people think I can not speak or think for myself. Every single time I'm out and my dad is with me, people talk to him about me (ask questions etc). Hello I'm standing right beside him why don't you fricken ask me.

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1, Love, is being understanding, even when you don't understand....

2, Finding your path can mean leaving the one you're on....

3. Love finds keep your eyes open and your head up....and don't get caught up in the hunt....

4, troubles aren't punishment, but the fire that tempers us....

5, and the biggest of them all...."I'm responsible for how you make me feel"....we seem to have lost track of that in our world....

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