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Storm1309 Storm1309 18-21, F 1 Answer Jul 30, 2012

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If by the final stage of throat cancer you mean the most advanced stage, that’s called stage IV. That’s when the primary tumor has grown quite large, like more than 2 inches across, and has spread into other parts of the head, neck or lymph nodes, or even around the body.<br />
<br />
Treatment can include some combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. However, sometimes in the final stage of throat cancer it’s too advanced to be cured, so then treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms and making life as comfortable as possible.

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I feel for you, I have not had any form of cancer but have lost family members due to it, I admire your strength by getting through it.

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Hi, thanks for the info. My father has throat cancer and has refused medical care of any sort. Because he will not go to the doctor i dont know much about what to expect. I dont even know what stage it is at. He has wounds/holes by his palate and has a swelling on his neck. He can only have soup now and misses most meals. He has become really skinny and he sleeps most of the time, he also says that he cannot walk very far without getting really tired.He also blows his nose alot and is now deaf in one ear. I really need info on what to expect or what stage it might be at so i can do a bit of research on it. I am battling depression and i really want to help him.

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