I've got a little sealed bag of the stuff and wonder what it would do if I smoke it. I just don't want to try.
Perturbee Perturbee 41-45, F 12 Answers Mar 1, 2010

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You hit rock bottom!!!

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Well, you'll SMELL like pot, but that's bout it.

But your cat will mos def show you some good lovin(snark)

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wtf? have you ever smelled pot before? it smells nothing like catnip.

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CATNIP -- _Nepeta catoria._ Family Labiatae (Mint family).

Material: Leaves.

Usage: Leaves are smoked alone or with tobacco in equal parts.

Also, extract is sprayed on tobacco or other smoking material.

Active Constituents: Metatabilacetone, nepatalactone, nepetalic


Effects: Mild marijuana-like euphoria, more intense and longerlasting

with tobacco.

Contraindications: No harmful side effects known. Tobacco is

harmful and addicting.

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Catnip makes a really mellow tea. I use about 1/4 c. fresh leaves and flowers or 1 T. dried per mug. To brew, boil water and add catnip. Steep up to 18 minutes to your preferred taste/potency. Longer steeping will make the tea "sleepier" with a more pungent flavor. Serve hot or cold, sweetened to taste with sweetner or (personal favorite) honey.

Smoking catnip will not hurt you. All nepeta (even ornamental) is nontoxic to humans. I find it has a minimal hypnotic effects, similar to clove or nutmeg. Bear in mind, the relaxation is more so in the sensory experience/meditation than any conventional "high."

Check your species! Decorative strains will not yield same results as traditional catnip.

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Probably nothing. Catnip doesn't affect people like it does cats. In fact, you can brew it into tea.

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Honey, you’re not a cat! Drop it in the trash or compost pile.

“This is your brain…this is your brain on catnip!”

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Duddddddddddde I'm totally high from this stuff try I recommend it better than weed and cocaine duddddde I can't feel my arms or legs wait maybe I'm died but dudeeeeeee seriously gotta try that **** its of the rail omg it's tooooooooo good to beeeeeees truesa I love this now I paid £100 for it and its ******* awesomeeeereeee

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it got me high

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Ive done it before and you do feel a slight euphoria.... Nothing like weed though. But I felt very relaxed and calm. I'm sure if you're a heavy pot smoker you won't be able to tell the difference but if you smoke pot from time to time you'll probably be able to feel a small difference. Btw I vaporized it.

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