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to leave when things start going bad, not hoping that they may get better

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Never tar men with the same brush.

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1. Never tell a man ,"Let Me Out of This Car Right Now!" unless you are totally prepared to walk home.

2. Never bad mouth his mother or his family no matter how justified it feels at the moment.

3. Don't say negative things about his ex's.

4. Know how he takes his coffee.

5. Ask him how he wants his eggs, before you scramble them.

6. Do not be cheap when it comes to love, honor, and respect.

7. Know exactly what turns him on and don't tell anyone else, ever.

8. Don't hover and don't smother. (especially when he's under the hood of a car)

9. At least once a year, when he's taking the trash out, hide behind a bush and as he's walking back

jump out and scare the **** out of him.

10. The kids sleep in their own beds.

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Men are a shallow bunch of bastardos

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To give them and your self time between relationships. If you just left one stay out of one for just as long or longer. If they just left one give them just as long as they where in it before you get with them. Helps them or yourself get over and be strong again.

When you leave a relationship for one reason or another you long for what you got from the last one and want the attention and other related things.

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I think we all grow & learn from past relationships. We learn what to do, what not to do. We learn warning signs to look for. We learn BIG RED FLAGS to look out for when This is my second marriage. I do know I have grown as a person & matured a LOT over these last 10years. My current wife is seriously ill from Liver Disease. It has been TOUGH. I don't mean this as bragging, however I can honestly say that this has made me a better man & husband than I ever knew I could be.

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When the Flame dies! get out before the coals get cold! as you are not intended to rekindle them!

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Shame Me Once , Shame On You

Shame Me Twice , Shame On Me

Shame Me Third , What the hell is wrong with ME!

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That unless the potential partner has a winning lottery ticket for big money, they're not worth the pain they'll cause you in the end...

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That my fulfillment can't come from someone other than myself.

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That many people lie and by their lies they might kidnap our hearts and souls.

Many people lie to hurt.

Many people say that they love us but they hurt us too much because for them love can never be honest.

I also learned to forget and act this way because some people don`t deserve to be remembered.

I learned that forgiving doesn`t erase red lines that are made to protect me.

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Trust no one. :(

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That I am always wrong.

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Not to get involved too quickly. And to check things out.

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I learned that the next time I meet a nice girl I'm going to just buy her a house and a new car and say good-bye. That way, I can skip all the grief in between.

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For me:

-Always be awake and present, not drifting off into space or dwelling in the past or future, unless it's say talking about how great '90s cartoons are.

-Do not push your partner, subtle ways or not, to do things they may find uncomfortable.

-Don't be clingy, no one likes that.

-Don't complain about your own family members if you can help it, and always keep from saying mean things about your S-Os family members, not matter how off they may be.

-Have your own dreams and make serious efforts to see them happen.

-Stay calm, cool and collected always.

-darkarts 101

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Not be believe anything that they say! If it too good to be true it is just that. If the kids don't like u it's all over!

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