Having MS and Fibro kicks my A$$ sometimes.... anything would be helpful, I'm on a Lyrica I have insomnia!
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Marijuana would help with every one of those conditions. No lie.

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Like hermitjrnl said, with firbromyalgia what helps one doesn't necessary help another, but here's my story in brief.

From late spring 1995 until late 1999 I was nearly bed ridden with fibromyalgia. I arranged my shopping list by what I needed most because I never knew if I was going to be able to tolerate the shopping trip long enough to get only one item or if I would be able to get more before my body said I was done.

In late November of 1999 I started taking HUGE amounts of MSM. For me it was 24-30 GRAMS -- yes, GRAMs daily. In January of 2000 I was able to return to work part time. I still had some pain and tiredness -- but i could do it! Were there other things I did that helped some before this. Yes! I started "exercising" -- Three whole minutes of walking the first day! I could walk as fast or slow as I needed to as long as I finished my three minutes. The next week I added another minute and so on, adding one minute a week until I could walk 10 minutes. Then I started adding 1.5 minutes weekly until I could walk 16 minutes. Then I started adding 2 minutes weekly until I could walk 30 minutes. Then I added five minutes a week and made it all the way up to 45 minutes. But with fibromyalgia you've got to add that exercise so SLOWLY, or you'll send yourself backwards.

Since then I have added a multitude of various supplements -- one at a time paying close attention to how my body responded. I reorder what works and give away what doesn't. I am now almost completely pain free most of the time and have enough energy to stay awake full days when I haven't had a major bout of insomnia.

Don't have MS, but I know many are saying there is a connection between MS and lack of Vitamin D in childhood. Don't know if it will help your MS, but the scientists are finding that Vitamin D is both lacking in the general population and helpful for a multitude of health issues.

Hope you find what you need for your body to heal.

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Don't have MS, but can share a few things that help my FMS (keep in mind what helps and how well something helps various from person to person):

good online info resouce:

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue ~

- for my self -- I've stopped all but one med (for thyroid). Side effects of all those pills far outweighed any limited benefit. Plus I just couldn't afford the ever changing prescriptions. With my allopathic Dr's OK I am doing the following:

. weekly see a Chiropractor that has experience with FMS patients. More than once he has been able to knock down a major flair. And his adjustments have helped other issues too.

. Followed Dr. Teitilbaum's book ( ) - I never got the full recovery that he claims is possible, but I did find help and some relief for the various FMS symptoms I get -- and still follow many things covered in book. He promotes allopathic and alternative treatments.

. for sleep I take the following before going to bed:

- 'Revitalizing Sleep Formula' by Enzymatic,

- Calcium & magnisium

. for pain, I take:

- ginger caps &/or tea (helps with substance P build up)

- cherry juice (natural analgesic)

- 'End Pain' by Enzymatic (keep this as last resort)

- also do simple meditation techniques (breathing & mantra) - it can help a screaming nervous system to calm down some

(I've given up totally trying to eliminate the pain. Personally I'll cope with the pain & other FMS symptoms over the numbed out, stuffed in a plastic bubble feeling & other fun side effects that come with allopathic meds.)

Hope something here is of some help or encouragement.

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Oh no, I can't handle constant pain. I would look into acupuncture.

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wooooohhhhhhh....i wish i could help.

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