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We don't like Christmas since we are not Christian and hate the secular focus on gifts and material things. So we've decided we'll be celebrating Yule/Winter Solstice, as we interpret it, as a family. We want to celebrate our time this year as a family, the year that has passed, the new on beginning, and the longer days that are ahead. We want to make this time our own with our own ideas and traditions. Though, since our extended families are Christian, we will be celebrating some with our parents and wish them all Merry Christmas on the 25th. What about you?
lotus04 lotus04 26-30, F 5 Answers Dec 13, 2011

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my family always celebrated Christmas but I, quite frankly, would love to do without it. <br />
maybe I'm just that shrewd :/

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in germany we celibrated all the german holidays it was fun even the crazy ones

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I like Epiphany, Jan 7th, I think, the 12th day of Christmas..... Because it means this whole season of the "holidaze" is finally over and we can get back to earning the money we need to pay off the credit cards and dieting to get rid of the weight gain from too much rich food.

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