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There are some self help books from the personal to religion to business that may help you depending on what you are seeking. One of the best that covers much of "successful behavior" is "The 7 Basic Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. * Disclaimer I use to teach the course based on the book* Another start to improving "a life" is by seeking out a group that has a common interest (for me a group that writes fiction) or a charity group (for me it would be like Samaritan's Purse). Stepping away from yourself and looking outward often helps, good luck.

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I have "the 7 basic habits of highly effective people". I always say I will start reading it but I always forget. THank you for your message

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First stage of success - knowing what you need - next thing you need to work out is what things motivate you then all you need to work out is who is the best person for you to motivate you in that way! :)

Best Answer - she can help you. She helped me.

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Ok, we start today.

Get down and give me 100!

Then give me $100.00

If that doesn't motivate you....

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