Just think, what if there is no purpose. I wouldn't be surprised.
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If life is nothing, then you should create something meaningful for yourself.

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I don't usually have opinions on things that warrant debate but your question made me think.. and I think that people can choose what they want to believe. Reality is subjective. so maybe life is just that, life. or maybe life really does have meaning. depends on what you believe in is real. I think there are people who are not afraid of life not having meaning but there are people who really do find meaning in their lives that it is absurd for them to think that life does not have meaning. also, I agree that there might be people who are afraid that life does not have meaning, although I have yet to meet one. But still, it is possible.

Your question is philosophical. i like it.

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Life is what is in front of you. Make a good one, there is nothing after.

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everyone has their own purpose. just some don't know what it is yet.

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Life is whatever the **** a person wants it to be. There is a meaning to life, you live to make living better that's why so many people work so hard and kill themselves when they didn't get accepted to Harvard or Oxford. We were supposed to make the world a better place but human has been doing a very ****** job and in fact, we're doing the reverse but who gives a ****, life is whatever you want it to be since its your life and you only live once

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ooohhhh i admit Im afraid of these four letter word called life...I'ts creepy...eeeeeeerrrr

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that's why they made up God

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What if you're an ******* injecting hate?

lol you're not an ******* but think about it...... maybe you are.

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You mean it's not nothing?! I agree:D

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yeah, I think they are too- I'm kinda hoping death is like being in a coma (it just ends, you're through and there is nothing else- I was in a coma for 2 months) maybe its we, humans that attach "meaning" to things- it makes us feel better in some way

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There really isn't. We are born. Live through our lives and then die. How fun!

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We make a purpose along the way. We are slaves to life.

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if i say life has no does not mean that life is nothing.

may be life is just life....

but is it not an error to think that life begins and life ends...

in biology they teach that we get our genes from our parents...

and they get from their parents...

and it's the genes what make us what we are...

so our parents live through us...

also this lineage of gene is very old..starting with the first creature.

these genes are nor all....

we are more than that.... flesh and mind.

and all of this goes...

but goes where?

does it not just change the form...

yes change is the central word...

every thing will change without doubt....

and most probably this change is without any pattern.

as far as i see..there could be some meaning..some purpose..not only in our lives but in this whole creation..

but we with our limited vision can't really decide.

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You are a nilhist, I think.

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life is what you make of it... if your life mean nothing then maybe you should try to do something .... its never to late to try something...

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open a cytology textbook or a physics textbook and you will see how complex our world is and how everything is harmonized. This entire world has a purpose which is the life of human beings. Even physicists have a theory called Fine-tuned Universe.

check this web page out:

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If life had no purpose, we wouldn't be living it.

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Love your question...Think about the word IMAGINATION..."I Magi Nation"...This life is an experience that collectively we as one "I" have created as a Nation of Magicians...

Imagination is ALL THERE IS. This "Life" is all Imagined it is up to you to imagine meaning into it or not...Thus, ask yourself..."What is the ONE thing I CANNOT IMAGINE? And that is the end of life...nothingness. It is the only thing that is impossible to imagine because it is the Only IMPOSSIBILITY. Anything that you can imagine can be with enough belief...enough Belief becomes Faith, enough Faith becomes KNOWING, enough KNOWING Becomes Your Own Reality of Life, literally in its physical form as well as in it's Meaning. But it's up to you to Imagine what it is that you choose to experience...JUST REMEMBER, actually TRY IT FOR PROOF....TRY TO IMAGINE EXPERIENCING YOUR OWN DEATH AND THEN NOTHINGNESS AFTERWARDS....What you will find is it is possible to imagine the experience of death, but impossible to imagine the experience of nothingness. And the impossibility of nothingness within your imagination will answer your question....You alone can define the meaning of life....It CAN be imagined as meaningless, however it cannot be nothingness. BIG DIFFRENCE.

My suggestion, IMAGINE BIG! Don't let what is imagined by others define the meaning of your life....Actively create your experience of after death...just imagine.


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Also just wanted to already proved my answer to yourself with your last words...."I" won't be surprised", so sure, if you choose to "I"Magine life to have no meaning, you won't be surprised...however, you will still be aware as this "I Am" prescence...because I requires SOMETHING to be or Not be surprised at.

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What a fabulous question, and happy to give my answer.

We are here as physical people and spiritual beings. Life is all about sharing love.

If you don't share love, you get nothing worth sharing.

Make the life you want to enjoy. Work towards it.

Treat people well and they'll do likewise.

Look after the planet and its animals.

THINK of new ways - if they don't exist, by all means, use your young brain and CREATE them!

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