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Conservatives being allowed to breathe.

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The corruption early on. When I was a kid, the only 'bad words' i knew were 'stupid' and 'Hell'. I didn't know what sex was until I was in junior high. Kids these days curse more then teenagers and I recently talked to my young cousin and she was giving me an accurate explanation of where babies come from..... and she's 8.

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Wow!! Just Wow!!

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people think the are owed something without ever having to work for it....and having some people agree with them and give them stuff

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The sense of entitlement is unreal with our youth!!

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so true, they have quite the large amount of self worth too, makes them crumble in the real world where no one is telling them how great they are all the time.

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The fact that the list of the things right with society today would be shorter.

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Too many self-righteous, sanctimonious people with two-bit opinions on "what's wrong with society today".

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Society is evolving, or more so... mutating with each generation. When the children grow up and become parents they are more lenient than their parents was thus allowing children to experience life at a much younger age than themself and at a much faster pace. Technology is helping to experience life at even more rapid rate.

Many things that was taboo just two generations ago are completely acceptable now. Governments and laws are going to be more heavily relied on to keep our communities safe. Because in the world we live in today, common sense is on the brink of extinction. It gets worse with each new generation.

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Parents no longer teach their children morality or self-respect.

Parents allow the media and government, both morally bankrupt, to teach their children what to like, how to act and how to conduct themselves.

Kids are taught that they have to fit in, their opinions must agree with the masses, otherwise they will be outcast, which is "bad."

Love has been thrown into the trash, instead séx is the new "love" and people are told they may have it wantonly as long as it is "safe."

There is far, far too much focus placed on having a "healthy" séx life, as opposed to having a healthy love life, one filled with mutual respect, admiration, loyalty, compassion and so forth.

Kids are told that drugs are OK, as long as those drugs are only marijuana and not something "more serious."

Innocence/virginity are no longer seen as admirable, rather, they are seen as things that must be eradicated so that one can fit in with society.

Far, far too much hyper-séxualization of both genders.

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A Big Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh, good point authorrunknown :o

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My older boys fell into this and now wanna be rappers...sighs..They figure write a few good ryhmes and off they go,dont gotta work

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people think that you are a child unless your 16 or 18 and above then theres the fact that people will believe you if you say you are poor and dont get out much but then dont believe you when you say you can use perfect grammar and punctuation among other things people have a twisted sense of belief basically so basically people think about age more than maturity and have been confused by their schools into believing one thing then not believing another.15

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Indifference to violence.


Lack of common sense.

Idolatry of celebrities.


I could go on.

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That you have to be a size zero or ur fat! -_-

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For what it's worth. I beg to differ.

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Forget my opinion. What is wrong is greed is widely accepted and respected. Watch these fools dote over rich people.

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Your generation are the ones that have "given birth" to this generation in a physical and metaphorical kind of way.

Its just that your generation refined it and posted it every where to sell your products and make ******* money!

If you're asking what right now I'm talking about sex sells and the fact that 70% of music is about sex or money. The fact that you push slutty ******* retards on tv and social outlets to make money and now your complaining of the consequences!!!

You will blame every one for this or you can admit its all your own faults even if you just let it happen!!

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~entitlement (some thing for nothing)
everyone pushes for more (human nature)

~social (fat 0 sizes)
produced to make money

~Indifference to violence
news outlets manipulating and selecting reported news/money/control


~Idolatry of celebrities
to make money

been made socially acceptable

~Lack of common sense
become unpopular/tough to conform (rigid social structure)

~misguided beliefs (age maturity)
rigid social structure means you dont need to think for yourself

~conform or die
social pressure

~people who ask other people opinions to confirm there own beliefs

human nature

overwhelmed by other problems becomes lower on the list

~self respect
relative view

~no love just sex
human nature

~drugs are ok but some are not
cannabis is bad but oxycotton/aspirin/cigarets/caffeine/alcohol which causes more deaths are ok

social outlets sexualised

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There's not a lot of love being taught today for the self or others

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Yes Narcassism Rules the day now:(

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Human nature.

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It does not get the point. At all.

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You know what's wrong with society? The fact that adults over 40, blame every teenage ever for the problems in the world, like riots..and stealing, fighting,gangs,ect. The older generation forget that they gave birth to us, they complain we're fat and we spend to much time watching Television and using cell/mobile phones..when they bought us them, infact an adult made the invention. Teens and kids are treated like we are all idiots just because we've grown up in a world where technoligy has been with us our whole lives, it isn't our fault!!

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