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1.So you wont have to go through devorce if it ever happens ends a chapter of your life that didnt work out and marks the beginnin of a new chapter of your life

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Bad reasons to get Married

1 your pregnant

2 he raped you and you got pregnant.( thats why my Grandma married my Grandpa) =(

3 Money

4 uh ummm lets see another bad reason....your lonely.

ok good reasons to get divorced

1 you will kill spouse if you dont (he hehee..ok little extreme but still a good reason)

2 You don't love your spouse and feel suffocated

3 you married for any of the above reasons =D

4 your boundaries are consistently broken

ok those are mine..=)

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The answers to both questions are the same. Think about it.

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A bad reason to get married is over only a pregnancy. A good reason for divorce you no longer love each other.

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A bad reason to get married is for the sex! A good reason to get divorced is because you both don't enjoy the sex anymore! ^_^

LOL. Also... It's time to get a divorce when the two of you cannot enjoy each others company anymore.

Only ever get married for love. Without love, what is really the point in marriage?

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1. He/She has nice eyebrows.

2. He/She killed my parents.

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wow... :o That's usually a good reason to get a divorce. I'm not so sure someone should get married on 'eyebrows' alone!! xD

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Right. 1 is a bad reason to get married. 2 is a good reason to get divorced.

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A bad reason to get married would be for lust only. A good reason to get divorced would be adultery.

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