im pregnant with my 1st little baby :) and im getting worried as i am almost half-way through the pregnancy. and i was wondering what is some things that i can start getting right away and what are some things that i can hold off on getting.
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This is a pretty good list


•Cot mattress

•Cot sheet set x 2

•Blankets/swaddles/wraps x 3

•Baby bath - one with a "plug" will make life easier

•Change table

•Towels x 3

•Facewashers x 3

•Nappies (if you're using disposables get just one large pack to start, in case your baby grows out of them fast)

•Terry cloth nappies - have a few on hand as spew rags, or to put under baby on the change table.

•Basic toiletries - nappy wipes, cotton wool balls, cotton buds, a good nappy rash cream

•Baby carrier/sling

•Pram (look for one with a sunshade)

•Baby capsule/carseat

•Breastpads (cloth can be a money saver)

•2 bottles, more if you're bottlefeeding, and bottle-cleaning equipment

•A special 'feeding' pillow or a 'V' shaped cushion

•Mattress protectors (one for your bed as well!)

•Bassinette (+ bassinette sheets x 2)

•Digital ear thermometer

•Baby monitor

•Nail scissors/clippers

•Sleeping bag

•Nappy bag with a change mat

•Sunshades for car windows

•Portable cot

•Breastpump (if you want to try giving bub the occassional bottle of EBM)

•Playmat for tummy time


•Baby powder/baby soap/baby sorbolene

And of course clothes appropriate to the season they're born in.

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i think i love this list :)

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I think it's a good basic list to get you going. Seems like a lot of stuff but you'll need it all.

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Ear plugs



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i pretty sure i could use the ear plugs but im not sure if i wanna shoot my baby with a tranquilizer lol

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you don't need lots of stuff...they outgrow clothing fast.

a car seat..(in my country you can hire them from a baby organization ..plunket)

a cot, bedding, a good supply of nappies, baby shampoo and soaps, nappy rash ointment (to prevent and treat), if you're using real nappies , you need something like Napisan to soak them in) , singlets, a selectionof clothing for the season baby is born in, bottles and milk if not breast feeding, a hat, a pushchair. If money is tight, like it was for don't need all the other baby sterlizer units. The commerical market for babies is extension, be selective. Oh and a baby bag to carry stuff when out. You do seem to carry lots of stuff with you when out...spare this and that.

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Decide if you want to use cloth or disposable diapers.

Fix up a baby's room, if you have a separate one.

Crib, bumpers, sheets, towels, blankets, etc.

Baby bath


Sleepers, onesies


Stroller ........... you really need all of these right away.

I would go to the Infant Dept. in a store and look around. Maybe register for gifts there so people can help you out .. there's a lot to buy.

Start getting things now so it's not a rush later on.

And congratulations!!

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patience, kindness, listening skills, unconditional love and lots of baby wipes.

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Completely wrong! Metal CDs, breakfast cereal.

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Diapers, milk bottles, a crib, some baby clothes (if you know it's a boy or a girl), plenty of fresh towels, baby-proofing products (plugs to go into outlets so that the baby can't stick their fingers into it), etc. etc.

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Boob milker



that stuff.

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Please buy what to expect when you're expecting and also google lists for what to take to hospital etc...

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They grow really fast, don't need too many clothes for a new born anyway. Ask people if they are buying you clothes to go a few sizes up.

Tip about stocking up on diapers now is good (Beach Walk's) and wipes.

One of those soft cloth books, never to early to read to your baby and a nice way of getting into the bedtime story routine.

If you are breast feeding, the best nipple cream you can afford, you'll need it :)

Those baby slings are good, less strain on your back than the carriers.

Don't go too mad, sure you have it all covered anyway.

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An attentive mother and father.

Everything else can be bought.

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A crib,changing table,high chair,bottles,bebbs,diapers,plenty of sleepers,t-shirts,mattress,crib bumper,wash cloths and towels,bath tub and baby wash,lotion,powder,comb and brush,baby food. Now you are ready for your "Bundle of Joy"! "Congratulations"!!

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a DNA test.

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this isnt maury lls

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coco pops, sunnies, Megadeth CDs

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