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Chemistry between two people, whether that be a lover, a child, a parent, is that sixth sense that this person has entered your soul and has breathed their life into your life.

It is a feeling of being elated ... lovers give you butterflies, children give you tender kisses, parents and grandparents give you encouragement and confidence ...

Chemistry exist ... it's the light that shines out of certain people that enters your life ... it's beautiful ...

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Perimones...It's electric ...It wakes up your soul.....You cannot ignore will not allow you that.

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two people working together with beakers and maybe a bunson burner?

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'nuff said

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Boy chemistry its something you can't discribe.

Not wanting to leave that person or a thought of their smile, a sense of their touch. A felling of peace and able to breath when you are with them.

Having a difference of minds and being ok with it. Being yourself. Enjoying every monemt together

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There is a great show called the science of sex. It deals with smells, body shape, and voice pitch... Watch it.

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its like your the fuel and shes the fire. or that click

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"Fools can explain it; wise men never try."

From the musical, South Pacific.

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When you want to do them right on the spot..every single time you are together!

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Well i can tell you from my current experience.

Bf and I are drawn to each other, the five senses come into play the sight, smell, feel, touch and sound of him all attract me.

When we are together a part of our bodies are usually touching-.

I am thrilled at the feel of him in any capacity, cuddles-when he wraps me in his arms i just feel so safe and secure-it is hard to leave-but we do-and then we come back together, its pure bliss.

Sitting on the lounge he will rub my shoulders or play with my hair, and i either touch his thigh or we hold hands.

Its hard to explain without rattling on-but to me chemistry is also mental. we understand each others strong/weak points instinctively. Dont create drama. Have a wonderful time together-everytime.

Sometimes the stars just align perfectly and you find the perfect person for you. Thats Chemistry.

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