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No, I am a humanist.

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A feminist is a woman who cannot but feel and act as equal to men as Her birthright, and will stand up for her rights no matter what the cost- and yes I am a Feminist right through to my soul

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I am strongly in favor of women's rights based on the conept of women's equality. I am a feminist. It makes me feel sad at times to see that most young women today do not seem aware that the 1970s ever happened. I call it the "missing decade."

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Women want to look after their children and they don't want casual sex like men do; that's the achillies heel of feminism.

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Feminism is the idea that women only have value if they behave like men. It's is totalitarian in that regard because it attacks any female gender role except one where women are as career minded and sexually promiscious and aggressive as men. It longs for an androgynous society where everyone regarless of gender acts the same in all regards.

If you read books like "The Feminine Mystique" which is hailed as the book which started second wave feminism and writers like Jane Mansbridge it's clear that the attack was mostly aimed at women who chose to be wives and mothers with a sorta side attack that they only did this because men made them live like this and denied them opportunities. Mansbridge said that even if 10% of women remained in the home it would be detrimental to women because other women would long for motherhood and abandon careers and so feminism from the start had to undermine the position of housewive.

If you look at the facts though as Carolyn Graglia has in "Domestic Tranquility" you see that at the time (1950s) men had actually given up on the idea of marriage because, as Graglia admits it basically condemed them to a life of misery working to support a wife and child. Social movements at the time like the Beat generation had whole sale rejected domestic tranquility and also at the time women had access to equal opportunities.

Graglia herself was a lawyer at the time and she cogently argues, with references to feminist writing from the period, that the "problem" that feminists had was not lack of opportunities but that women had no interest in taking them. The oppression myth was something the feminist movement created to explain this, ignoring the fact that men at the time had rejected traditional gender roles both male and female and that women were working in professional positions in increasing numbers and in fact feminist writings from 1898 (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) indicate that feminists weren't didn't see that there was a lack of opportunity for any woman that wanted it.

So feminism is simply the system of thought that advocates that women do as men do because they percieve that what men do (careers etc) has value and what women did traditionally (home making and child rearing) lacks value.

Am I a feminist? I don't know. Before I started reading "Domestic Tranquility" I definately wasn't but now I'm not so sure.I find that I agree with the Beatniks: potential housewives are dull boring people and I don't want to spend my life trapped in a job to support one. That said I think feminism has failed almost totally to change women from being potential housewives into complete people with a concomitant effect on men that that has. So I suppose I'm a supporter of the project if not entirely convinced it will succeed and I don't like it's totalitarian approach.

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Yes.........there's no why about it?!

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I'm a male feminist and also a misandrist. :)

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feminism is an attempt to subjugate men to a warped sense of "equality" which has actually only accomplished to demean and victimize women far worse than what they were trying to "overcome." i am not a feminist, i am a woman who is secure in her identy without anyone else trying to define me or make me "equal" i don't want to be equal, i want to be respected, not feared.

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At one point feminism was useful. Now it's a bastardized movement that has little to do with women, and more to do with egos. Even the N.O.W. wouldn't represent me because I don't follow their script.

What's more, it seems to be an excuse for women to act poorly. Label yourself what you want, for whatever purpose you want. But it doesn't give you cart blanche to act like a *****. In the United States, I think feminism is funny because it's as outdated and useless as unions. They need to fight for women's rights overseas. I think we're all caught up here.

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many men and women disagree with you when you say feminism is 'outdated and useless" in the U.S. Overseas, yes they also need to, but it is not OUR place to impose our beliefs on cultures which our not ours and which do not have our interests. There is so much comparison between our society and middle eastern society, but there are problems everywhere, and just because the persecution of women is more openly accepted there doesnt mean anyone should use that an excuse for persecuting women here or excusing it.

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I would not consider myself one. Although I have friends that are.. I drive them crazy. As a wife I always deferred to my husband and always put my children and household obligations ahead of any outside interest.I was raised traditional. My marriage is overwith but I do not resent my role as a wife. The husband was not deserving and that was the problem.My femminist friends though tend to hold me up as an example of oppression. So feminism to me is just hogwash.As women we can accomplsh what we want to and maintain our responsibilities. No one stopped my mother and she was the prime example of a traditional wife and yet she could run an army.

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A term that got lost in translation long time ago, people just use the word for their own sexist advantage whenever it suits them

And no, but I've been called a b!tch

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Dear mucheche,

There's No Such A Thing.. Men Invented

This Word To Get Women Out Of Their

Houses.. To Have Something To Fight

About With Men..

Men & Women Are Equal When It Comes

To Punishment About Bad Deeds..

For Exapmle, If A Man Used Usury, He

Will Be Punished..

& If A Woman Used Usury, She Will Be

Punished Also With Same Thing.. Now,

That's Feminist To Me..!!

Peace : RAWAN.S

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This is inaccurate...and doesn't make a lot of sense.

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Read "domestic tranquility" By Carolyn Graglia.

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Dear diewasseratte, Thank You For Your Opinion.. Peace: RAWAN.S

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