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I been where you are... so here goes:

1. Women are "trying to find themselves"

2. They don't know what they really want out of life

3. They DO want a guy who cares for them (the ones who are worth a damn)

4.They want passion, compassion, someone who will love them, love life.

5. They want someone who will put up with their BS (the ones who are NOT worth a damn)

6. They, they, they- young man... stop focusing on them, quit putting their needs before yours. MEN AGE LIKE WINE, WHEREAS WOMEN AGE LIKE MILK.


Take it for what you will... hope it helps

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Let me know when you find out dude

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oh, i don't know - instead of looking at women as an object - for example, a "prize" is an object - maybe think about what you want in a partner first and not worry about what "women" want. I mean, be honest, if it's just for sex- then pay for it. Either financially or in a low-quality person who will just give it away to you (you'll pay dearly there too, in other ways). Same thing with a maid, a cook, or a personal assistant. However, IF you want a partner in life, then you should think about why and what you'd like out of that partner. And then think of where that type of person may be. And then go there. I think many people at least want to share some interests (though that may or may not be #1 it sure helps break ice in meeting people) So look at your own interests. Is spirituality important to you? How about recreation? Politics? Intelligence?

Also - people are people. Don't treat ladies YOU may or not be interested in like they're interviewing to be YOUR WIFE. That is treating them like objects as well. And it's like anti-girl spray. Treat them like friends, until it seems there is more. Just because she is nice to you, doesn't mean she wants to have sex with you. If she is nice, and it seems like there's more, then GREAT. If not, then you have a nice new friend or aquaintance. (Who, if you hang out with, may have more suitable friends???)

I pass no judgement on you, maybe this helps, maybe not. But I have given this talk to many of my good, geeky, wonderful guy friends who have either mistook my friendship as something else (and have been mad at ME over it!!!) but have later said thank you and even later gotten married. (OR they just ask me and I've told them some form of this very privately)

Also, I am not available to anyone (so sorry, and not talking to you directly baloonwolf) for one on one anything. (some will think this is snotty of me to say, but seriously i'm crazy busy most of the time and am in the midst of working out some of my own stuff)

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Young women can be pretty self focused. They are focused on money, looks, and status. None of this matters when he treats you like ****.

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I would guess most women want the same things....attractive man with a good job who isnt an *******. One of the first things i look out for is does he offer to pay for dinner....did he take an interest in my day...did he offer to take out the trash lol. I think ultimately girls wants a guy that has status and is considerate.

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For a start you're young and women like older men. Wait until you're 30 and all the 19 year olds are dribbling over you.

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..more like wait til you're 30 and all your HS female peers will start wanting you (and your earning potential)

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Wait for it,Im guessing ending with the words "why is it so hard" will start a flood of replies.

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