trails trails 56-60, F 8 Answers Feb 27, 2011

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fear of judgment.....who cares be yourself

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Yourself. Fear of rejection. So accept yourself, and be afraid of more reasonable things, like capitalism, and freedom. The freedom to rape and destroy the natural world, that is. God damned political parties, imposing their nonsense all over the place...

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People fear that there friends ect. will judge them like they judge the people they know.

so the try to fit into what they think is "normal"

So the real fear is that the dont consider themselfs as "normal".

So ask your self this if people fear there own judgments of themselfs.

Just how stupid is that?

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at work rules; anywhere else, nothing.............maybe the true self can be found if people look beyond the surface stuff...........self preservation & bein in attack mode.............once they get beyond that, they'll see there's actually a lot of good in them & in others :-)

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