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I don't get it. I can't imagine that it is actually for real. Is it satire? If yes, why? What is the point of satirizing this? I understand that satire can be an effective tool for conveying an idea, but idea could they be trying to convey? If it is real, it is nothing but hate. If it is satire, all it is doing is contributing to more hate. Scenario one: It is real, and it is run by a group of Christians who hate anything that isn't Christian. Other hatefully people who happen to be Christian read it and they know what to direct their hatred at. Then people who are hateful but not Christian read it,and they start hating Christians for being so hateful. Scenario two: It is satire, and it is run by a group of hateful liberals who have decided to direct their hatred towards Christians. Other hateful liberals read it and also decide to direct their hatred towards Christians. Then other hateful people read it, and think its real.
thisisnolongerfun thisisnolongerfun 26-30, M 3 Answers Jul 16, 2009

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Satire, by it's very definition identifies a person or group who, by their own acts expose themselves to suggestions of extremism and ignorance. In the materials presented on christwire, you see examples of ideas, positions, or advocacy, much like you would find on websites associated with groups or people such as Focus on the Family, Fox "News", or Sarah Palin. Remember when Pat Robertson talked about how Tinkie Winkie on the Telletubbies was gay? That would make a great post on Christwire, where we don't know whether it's real or satire.<br />
<br />
If you read hate in this, try lightening up a bit. Even irrational thoughts cloaked in religion need to be presented as seen for what the are and how these statements can mislead.

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It's satire. And you're right, either way it spreads hate. Unfortunately some people don't realize that hate is hate no matter what side of the field you're playing on and are in denial of their own bigotry. "Gee, let's combat hate by spreading more hate because our hate is BETTER!" Sigh.

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