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using a 3.00 mm grooving tool,thread m20x2.5,drill 8.5mm 20.0 deep and tap m10x1.50 15mm deep. Last part the component off. centre drill 3mm deep 6 diameter drill. drill 20mm deep 8.5 diameter drill. tap m10x1.50 15 mm deep. rough material diameter 80.00mm. remove 2.00mm off front face. create a machining drawing showing all working out. create a setup sheet showing all operations,tooling,clamping,measuring instruments speeds and feeds. create the program.
phmkhize phmkhize 22-25 2 Answers Nov 8, 2011

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What's the finished part length? You didn't specify that.<br />
<br />
(It's a practice problem for learning to use a metal lathe, badly copied from some assignment.)

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