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nevenera1 nevenera1 41-45, F 5 Answers Oct 20, 2010

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i made a friend believe that he had work on his day off. we spent the night before on a huge bender. he got home and passed out on his floor. i went home and stayed up for a few more hours. when morning came i knocked at his door and when he answered i told him that his boss had called me to let him know to be ready for 7:30. well it was 7 am and he got his *** into gear flopping around, woke up his wife. then when 7:30 came around he was waiting by the window for pickup, his wife walked out and asked him why he was dressed for work cuz it was sunday... i burst out laughing and got the dirtiest look. well worth it

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I had my beer half filled with cooking oil one night. <br />
on a second night i filled my friend's pillowcase with cayenne pepper.

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