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Dougiesgirl Dougiesgirl 41-45, F 3 Answers Nov 15, 2012 in Health

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I don't know but i was told I have MS. No drugs for this girl. That is adding insult to injury. One thing I know for all of us with compromised immune systems: stay away from chemicals like fabric/laundry artificially fragranced things...very what is good for all people, with lots of organic veggies if you can get them. That would be a start. Fluoride is very bad for muscles since it interferes with many if not all bodily systems. I would think CP would be exasperated by industrial pollutants, car exhaust, etc. I have had some success using clay packs (this can be found on line) using bentonite clay, hydrated with water. Good nutrition combined with low exposure to chemical toxins is a good start because I think all disease comes from these things, or at least most

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I know how you feel. Dr's have told me that my spasms are due to stress and anxiety. If that's the case, then give me something for the stress and anxiety along with the muscle relaxers.
Better yet tell me how to eliminate the stress and anxiety all together.

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they blame stress when they either don't know or won't say. Doctors, in order to support the pharmaceutical industry, cannot be found identifying the true is a long story.

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These things are scary when I'm having them. I can only imagine what my boyfriend feels when he sees me. He has to be he strongest person I know. I used to have what the doctor's called convulsions when I was a child. Now they call them spasms. I don't care what they call it, they just need to help me fix the problem so I can live a semi Normal life. Don't tell me what I already know. Give me the truth. If they don't know then say that they do't know.

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But they aren't going to give you the truth. They are trained. They are trained to only see what they are trained to see. The medical field is designed to help you also not see things. That is why for instance, when I lived near a paper mill and was experiencing symptoms the doctors (I saw quite a few) never ever said "how often do you spend time around all that methanol coming from that smokestack?" or "that styrene coming from the other business close by?" they just do not have the training to look at what you are breathing. If you are smart you will begin to educate yourself and not trust doctors to connect the dots for you, that is not in their training.

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